A walkthrough of finding common backend bottlenecks and solutions.

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  • Finding Bottlenecks
  • Common Tweaks to Apply
  • JDBC Related Code Changes and Tunings
  • JVM Tuning

This daemon can be used in the application server or in the database server to execute system commands using rest API calls.


Step 1 — Picking up dependencies

Build your API with the most-loved language of the past four years on Stack Overflow

Mozilla Rust
  • Start a web server and open a PORT.
  • Listen to requests on this PORT.
  • If a request comes in, look at the Path in the HTTP header.
  • Route the request to the handler according to the Path.
  • Help you extract the…

The fastest way to build web UI using python only. Zero front‑end experience required

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Why Streamlit?

  • You can use python to make your UI’s and you don’t have to worry about frontend libraries or frameworks.
  • It’s easier to deploy. You can use Streamlit deploy if you want.

Set up environment

Comparing traditional and ES6 destructuring to unpack values in JavaScript

Plant on table
Plant on table
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“The destructuring assignment syntax is a JavaScript expression that makes it possible to unpack values from arrays, or properties from objects, into distinct variables.” — MDN Web Docs

Object Destructuring

bring your workstation to your laptop.

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  • SSH
  • RDP

Let’s host our application on a Heroku server

Linking services with Google
Linking services with Google
Photo from Google Developers.
  1. Go to the Credentials page.
  2. Create a new project if you haven't had any projects. After that, you need to give some details about your project. If you are…

Let’s build more robust concurrency systems

State diagram generated by the LTSA tool
State diagram generated by the LTSA tool
State diagram generated by the LTSA tool

What’s FSP?

Writing a PID as a software engineering undergraduate.

project planning: image by William Iven


Get to know about one of the major scams in both crypto and stock trading before start trading.

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Asel Siriwardena

Software Engineer | University of Westminster

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