Things you should include in a Project Initiation Document (PID)

Writing a PID as a software engineering undergraduate.

project planning: image by William Iven


1. Introduction

2. Problem Background

3. Problem Domain

4. Problem Definition

4.1 Problem statement

5. Related work

6. Research Gap

bridge the gap — image from

7. Research Challenge

8. Research Contribution

9. Research Question

10. Research Motivation

11. Aim of the Research

research aim

12. Research Objectives

What is the difference between research aims and objectives?

13. Project Scope

14. Resource Requirements

14.1 Software

14.2 Hardware

15. Methodology

saunders research onion

15.1 Research Methodology

15.2 Software Development Methodology

15.3 Project Management
15.3.1 Deliverables

15.3.2 Gantt Chart

15.3.3 Risk Association and Mitigation

risk identification, management and mitigation
Risk and mitigation examples

16. References

I hope this helps with your initial steps for your research. Cheers!

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